I’m living that sage old advice that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I feel like design found me. It happened rather organically starting with the design of my own wedding invitations. Before long, I had close friends asking me to do theirs…then friends of friends. I built a full-fledged stationery business for 3 years until I sold it after finding out I was expecting twins.

I’m now Mom to Nicolette and Lincoln, and wife to Mike, whom I call Mikel (Mickle). The first year of raising twins was SUPER busy. It didn’t allow for a lot of other things. When things started to settle, I craved having a creative outlet and returned to start designing logos and websites and haven’t looked back since.

We live in our forever home in my hometown of Okotoks.

Right now

I’m currently collaborating with my charming, brilliant, best pal, Nick McArthur.

Come see us over there!