This is the place where you’re supposed to read that I’m some magical life-altering human.



Turns out though, I’m pretty average.

If I wasn’t so average, I probably would have been a heart surgeon. I would rattle off a long list of post-nominals behind my name and have all kinds of stories about all the lives I’ve saved in the OR.

That’d make for a cool about page, right?  Sorry to disappoint.

So web design it is.  No fancy acronyms. No impressive life-saving skills.



Perhaps life changing websites?
Yeah…yeah…let’s go with that.


I’m a mom.   To twins.  Which gives me instant mom street cred.
I’m a nerd (^OBVIOUSLY).
I love my kids and husband like nothing else.
I’m hermit-y, except when I venture out of my humble abode to play volleyball twice a week.

Somehow, I acquired a knack for the DIY.
It’s probably because I love really nice things but am too frugal to pay for them.


  1. That “knack” led me to learning how to do DIY my own wedding invites.

  2. Which lead me to design.

  3. Which lead me to you.

Sometimes, I take pics of my cute family on Instagram.

Now taking bookings for 2017.

Inquire here.